We can’t help but love how our 2022 PGA Championship hat logos came out. Each PGA Championship marks an exciting time for golfers and golf fans alike, and these golf hats are the perfect expression of our adoration for our favorite game. 

From the iconic golf courses to the legendary wins, there’s always a reason to remember each major win; that’s why it makes sense to commemorate those special times on one of our golf hats.

With Imperial’s PGA Championship hats for 2022, you can rock the major’s logo no matter if you’re cheering in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or watching history be made from home. The logo is centered around the Southern Hills clock tower and will serve as the perfect token for your time in Oklahoma.

You can find these awesome Imperial hats onsite and online, so be sure to stop by the Championship Shops if you’re spectating at Southern Hills later this month.

2022 PGA Championship Hat Styles

The 2022 PGA Championship hats come in several different styles and colors – meshback, performance, bucket, rope caps and more. And if you’re looking for a specific color or style, you can always design your own hat (yes, with the 2022 PGA logo!) with our online tool.

Rope Hats

The PGA Championship rope hat is one of the more versatile styles, as it can work on a cotton rope cap all the way to a meshback, flat bill hat. With solid and gradient rope offerings, you can truly find the best rope cap to fit your wardrobe.

You can start with a performance hat with a soft cotton feel and no structure, go with a different cotton rope hat that has a retro fit and some structure and end up with a five-panel original fit Imperial hat with a moisture-wicking sweatband- the options are endless.

Golf Bucket Hats

Golf bucket hats and sun protection hats are also always a win in the summer months when you want to keep the UV rays off your face. With the extra coverage, these are bound to become your favorite golf hats this season, even if you’re not on the golf course.

The golf bucket hat is lightweight and moisture-wicking. When you’re wearing golf hats in the summer, having something breathable on your head will make a world of difference. You can take your proactive cooling a step further with the sun protection hat, which actually relieves you from the summer heat up to 30% more when you sweat; factor in the moisture-wicking and you have a winner.

Meshback Hats

The meshback and trucker hats are also a cool way to sport some sun protection and style. With a solid structure and some room to breathe in the back and on the sides, you can’t go wrong with this stylish and functional combo.

The meshback caps are also moisture-wicking and slightly structured, so you can say goodbye to sweaty hat hair. The trucker hat with a mesh back has more structure – five panels to be exact – to give you more of a crowned look.

Performance Hats

When you’re looking for a fun golf hat that will always be in style, go for an Imperial performance cap. With a soft, cotton feel and unstructured profile, you can wear this hat till the end of time – and yes, it will still be comfortable.

Design Your Own Hat

Of course, if you’re looking for something different than what we’ve already designed, you can take the 2022 PGA Championship  logo and put it on any of our fun prints, like tie-dye, camo, Hawaiian – whatever floats your boat.

Stand out at Southern Hills (or your watch party) by making your own unique golf hat design.

2022 PGA Championship T-Shirts

You can’t forget about the fun golf t-shirts we have for Oklahoma this year. One limited edition 2022 PGA Championship t-shirt is designed by Lee Wybranski, who continues to add the most magnificent golf courses to his portfolio. His renditions of major championship golf courses are one-of-a-kind and Southern Hills is one you don’t want to miss.

The second t-shirt option is a classic, athletic fit shirt featuring Southern Hills’ iconic clock tower. It’s similar in feel to our performance caps – cotton, comfortable and classic.

No matter where you watch the PGA Championship in 2022, you can rest assured you can be rocking an Imperial hat. Onsite or online, you’ll have every opportunity to rock the hat and see who will be named the next major champion.