We all have a bucket list – make yours more memorable by bringing your coolest bucket hats along. Whether it’s attending one of the PGA Tour’s majors or eating the best taco in the U.S., we want you to be able to check off your list in style. Is there really anything more fulfilling than completing a bucket list while wearing the perfect bucket hat?

(We didn’t think so.)

Here are our top-10 bucket list items for 2020:


Lead a Parade

white bucket hat with shamrock pattern and green and white ribbon

Ok, you don’t have to lead a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but how fun would that be?!

Legend has it that Milwaukee, Wisconsin, continues to host the best St. Paddy’s Day parties in the U.S. Grab your favorite lucky bucket hat and make your way to the midwest. Milwaukee has hosted this parade since 1843 (…before Milwaukee even existed), so be prepared to have the time of your life – they know what they’re doing.

Bonus Bucket List Item: Grab a Guinness and learn an Irish jig.


The U.S. Open

white sun-protection hat, US Open 2020 Winged Foot embroidery

While it is an amazing experience to attend any professional golf tournament, there is something special about being a spectator at a major. Happening only four times a year (five if you count THE PLAYERS), the majors are your chance to see golf’s best compete for their own bucket list wins.

Imagine walking along the freshly manicured fairways at the U.S. Open and snatching a selfie with some of the biggest names in golf during the practice round. On Sunday, follow the final grouping to the 18th hole and watch the next lucky golfer be crowned champion.

Wear the latest golf bucket hats to the event and be part of golf’s finest history.


Surfin’ USA

white bucket hat with perforation, surfer embroidery

Where’s the best place to surf in the U.S.? Hawaii, of course! While the Pipeline beach is the most popular surf spot in the U.S., we have become fans of Jaws beach (mostly for the name).

Maui hosts the Jaws Big Wave Championship, which averages 45-foot waves – though some waves have been recorded to be over 60 feet the last few years. Let’s just say this is a bucket list item for the pros.

Not a pro surfer? No problem, bro! There are plenty of beaches scattered along the Hawaiian Islands that have waves for every skill level. The waves at Haleiwa, also known as Pua’ena Point, have a fast, offshore break for the experienced surfers and smaller waves for beginners closer to shore.

We don’t want you losing your stylish hats in the water, but wearing our UV-protected bucket hats before and after can save you from a killer sunburn!


Be a Trailblazer (Bucket Hat Fashion Trends Welcome)

white sun-protection hat, mountains embroidery

What’s the point of a bucket list if all the item names aren’t awesome? Our next stop is the Rattlesnake Ledge hiking trail in Washington.

Again, every skill level is welcome! All hikers can experience the wonderful views of Mount Si and Mount Washington from this trail. To reach Rattlesnake Ledge, you must hike 1.9 miles there and back.

However, if you want to reach Snoqualmie Park, you can add another 8.3 miles-worth of amazing views to your hike. You won’t regret it!

Because the Pacific Northwest weather is so finicky, your customized bucket hat will be the perfect accessory to keep your face free from both sunburn and rain depending on the day…hour…minute?


I’m on a Boat

white sun protection hat, pink edging on brim, boat wheel embroidery

Buckets and boats just go together, don’t they? We mean bucket hats, but don’t worry, we’re sure they can bail you out if you need them.

Next on the bucket list is “The Magic Dragon.” How’s that for mystical? Otherwise known as the Lake of the Ozarks, this gem is hidden in Missouri. Whether you want to go flying across the water in your speedboat or want to go paddleboarding at a leisurely place, this lake has it all.

Once you’ve had your fill of the water, head to the Ha Ha Tonka State Park nearby to see some sinkholes or downtown to eat some award-winning barbeque at Wobbly Boots. Customize your bucket hat to be boat-themed or food-themed, it’s up to you!


Taco ‘bout Tacos

white bucket hat with perforation, taco embroidery

Honestly, this could warrant another entire bucket list, but we’re going to head to Texas to get the best-rated tacos in the U.S. Have you heard of Veracruz All Natural? You can find them in four locations in Austin, both in restaurants and in food trucks. You know tacos are good when they come from food trucks.

Started by two sisters from Veracruz, Mexico, this restaurant serves recipes passed down through the family. Having only opened their first food truck in 2006, the Vazquez sisters now boast one of the Food Network’s top-5 tacos in the U.S.

The owners recommend the Migas Taco – organic vegetables, soft-cooked eggs, Jack cheese, fresh avocado and corn tortilla chips all inside their homemade corn tortilla.

We recommend a funny bucket hat sporting a taco to show the world you are taco’s biggest fan. Taco ‘bout dedicated.


THE Tailgate

white bucket, light blue and white ribbon, NC flag inset into NC state shape embroidery

Are you part of a sports rivalry? Here are your two steps to a team win:

  1. Attend the tailgate – who wouldn’t want to join fellow fans in supporting their teams to victory (while also getting victoriously buzzed)?
  2. Show your support with your soon-to-be-legendary tailgate bucket hat.

The ultimate dream is to watch your ride-or-die team win a championship, so make it a goal to get yourself to as many games as possible! You know you and your lucky bucket hat are the only reasons your team is winning this season. Way to go, champ.



white sun-protection hat with beer can embroidery

Yes, go ahead and fist bump your friends, but we’re talking about bringing your bucket list to the slopes! Have you ever skied or snowboarded on fresh powder?

Why not give it a go at Powder Mountain in Utah? Whether you want to learn to snowboard in the freshest snow or want to go backcountry with your skis, Powder Mountain’s runs are infinite.

Of course, we want you to be safe on the mountain – hello helmets! – but once you get off the slopes and head to your favorite après-ski bar, you’ll want your trusty custom bucket hat to cover up your helmet hair. In Bucket Hats We Trust.


Backyard BBQ

white bucket, black and white ribbon, beer pong logo

Are you the Beer Pong Champion among your friends? Prove it by crowning yourself with your own cup pong bucket hat at the next party. This bucket list item is for your ego – prove to your friends you are invincible in beer pong.

Be the bucket and sink every shot. Look good, feel good, shoot good, my friends.


The Return

Now that you have gone on the adventures of a lifetime, why not return home and give back to your local community? Our last bucket list item is to volunteer at an event.

Support your cause and wear it proudly around town. Whether you are supporting a loved one or simply want to make the world a better place, pick your cause and customize your bucket hat for your volunteer day. It doesn’t have to be as straightforward as “End Cancer” – it could be an inside joke with your loved one who also loves pizza.