Designing your own hat with Imperial Headwear gives you all the freedom in the world. Whether you love one of our new styles and colors or want to add your own twist to a classic hat, our online hat designer tool has everything you need to make your custom hat design your own.

Pictured: The Lunarscape paired with “Course Closed, Bar Open” patch by SlackerTide

With the addition of our new golf hats, we believe the 2021 styles will pair nicely with our SlackerTide Collection. You may remember our interview with owner and artist Richard Blanco a while back. With an updated SlackerTide Collection, you’ll be sure to have more fun golf and drinking logos in your arsenal when you make your own hat.

SlackerTide is all about relaxation and fun – his funny golf hats are sure to make your buddies laugh on the golf course and they may even bring you some luck in the birdie department. From punny golf sayings to repping “the Goat,” you’ll find a SlackerTide icon that fits your golf lifestyle. No matter which outdoor activities you enjoy, especially if you love Florida, you can go crazy personalizing your own hat.

Your Golf Cap Design Can Include Our Latest Hat Styles

Pictured: The Humdinger paired with the “Ace” patch by SlackerTide

Imperial’s been hard at work designing new hat styles, adding fun colors and collaborating with awesome partners to bring you awesome materials for your custom hat designs. Whether you’re interested in our heathered performance caps or printed rope caps, you can add whichever icons you like; we believe our new SlackerTide logos will mesh well with our new prints.

Pictured: The Hullabaloo Performance Tie Dye Cap paired with “Double Bogey” by SlackerTide

The Hullabaloo Tie-Dye Performance Caps

Our latest performance hat styles come in multi-color, pink and blue tie-dye. Tie-dye is making a comeback, and we’re here for it. Now you can make your childhood dreams come true again and design your own tie-dye hat without all the mess.

The cool blues of this performance golf cap and the salmon pinks are perfect backgrounds for your new SlackerTide designs. Whether you’re “Here Fore Beer” or master of the “2 Putt,” any of SlackerTide’s laidback designs will look great on a Hullabaloo tie-dye hat. Speaking of fond childhood memories – who remembers the green soldiers from Toy Story? That’s right, you can get golfing soldiers on your custom hat design thanks to SlackerTide.

The New DNA Rope Cap Collection

Pictured: the tropical new Aloha Rope Cap colors paired with SlackerTide

Our DNA Collection has some new colors and prints that are sure to be favorites on our personalized hat tool. These floral themes were already a huge hit, so we’re bringing back more designs you’re sure to love. 

The tropical vibes behind these fun rope hats are a scenic backdrop for the SlackerTide logos, which all originate from Florida. Go with a “Course Closed | Bar Open” or one of the original “Breakfast Ball” pancake icons for a vacation feel or go die-hard golf by repping the “Ace” or “No Gimmies” designs.

Pictured: The Grand Teton (coming soon in September) paired with “Breakfast Ball” by SlackerTide

Adding SlackerTide to Your Custom Hat Design

Personalized golf caps are a luxury we’re happy to offer. If you’re interested in adding a SlackerTide golf icon to one of the new hat designs above, you can make it your own. If you’d like to explore our other new customizable hats and icons, have a blast. 

Lastly, if you want to upload your own design to one of our mesh back hats, trucker hats, bucket hats or a Tour Visor®, we’ve got you covered. Upload your custom logo with ease with no minimum order.

When you design your own hat with Imperial, your options are limitless. Your custom design with us is sure to be your new favorite hat.