The day of Dads is almost upon us, so if you haven’t started your shopping, you’ve come to the right place to find Father’s Day Hats and personalized gift options. 

With a range of styles for golf hats with fun icons that will help Dad show off his favorite hobbies or personal style, we’ve got something for every dad out there. Whether he’s a golf fanatic, tickles your funny bone or is the coolest guy you know, you’ll find something that fits his personal style and will make him feel truly seen. 

From a men’s bucket hat to a golf visor, we’ve got every style under the sun for your old man. Plus, if you don’t see the exact style you want with the icon you know would fit him best, you can always design your own hat.

Need a place to start? Check out our Best Fit Quiz, made especially for Father’s Day, to find the right style. 

But if you trust our gifting instincts (and you really should), here are our top picks for Father’s Day hats this year.

Classic Look for the Classic Man

the oglethorpe in blue, quarter view

If Dad is a traditional guy, almost nothing beats a good ol’ performance golf hat. Or if you want to spice it up then a rope golf hat, like The Habanero, might do just the trick. 

These classic hats come in every color you could want and feature many of our most popular logos. Not to mention the Camo Knit Cap which has a textured camo print in several color options. For the dad who likes classic golf hats, choose one of the blank rope hats available and slap a fantastic logo on it to make a custom hat. 

For a happy medium between classic and casual, there are always meshback golf hats. These will keep Dad cool on hot days and let him feel the breeze. Just like there are blank rope hats, there are plenty of blank hats with mesh backs if you want to put your own creative twist on this style. 

U.S. Open Hats for the Ultimate Golf Dad

If Dad eats, sleeps and breathes golf, there’s a good chance he’s hoping to add a 2022 U.S. Open Hat to his collection. There are several styles to choose from for Father’s Day hats, from golf visor to meshback cap to golf rope hats.

Whether he’s able to make it to Boston for the event this year or not, put a smile on his face with Imperial’s U.S. Open hats in celebration of one of the biggest golf events of the year.

Raise a Glass to Father’s Day Hats

If you’re planning to celebrate Dad this year by kicking back and enjoying a beer or sipping your favorite whiskey, let him do so in style with a men’s bucket hat or golf visor with an icon of his beverage of choice. 

Within our Refreshments Collection, you’ll find a nod to classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Margarita or even a good ol’ cup of joe. If you don’t see the drink you want on the type of golf hat that Dad wears, you can find all the refreshment icons when you design your own hat.

SlackerTide x Imperial for the Rad Dad

If your old man’s been your role model for cool since the day you were born, get him a golf hat from the SlackerTide x Imperial artist collaboration. The SlackerTide logos definitely bring the cool and humor to the golf course. 

All of his buddies will want to know where he got his hat, and there’s no doubt he’ll give you all the credit. From golf puns to funky fonts and designs, the icons in this collection certainly are one of a kind. These hilarious icons will give your dad serious cool credibility and stand out on the course, from a Country Club Reject golf visor to a Hold My Beer golf hat or t-shirt.

Golf Hats for the Man Who Tells Dad Jokes

For the guy who makes everyone laugh on the golf course there are new styles in Imperial’s Golf Designs. These new icons come on hats in different styles and materials, like a terry cloth golf visor and a rope cap in a botanical print. 

Don’t forget, if you love any of these icons but wish you could slap it on a men’s bucket hat or golf rope hat, simply make a custom hat exactly the way Dad would want it.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Give Dad a gift he can call all his own by creating your very own personalized Father’s Day gifts. Use our online tool to design your own hat. Customizing hats is super easy – you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner! 

Simply choose the style Dad would like most, from a selection of blank hats, and then select the perfect icon. But you don’t just have to choose an Imperial logo. Feel free to upload your own logo or artwork. 

One of the best things about taking the time to design a hat is that personal touch that only DIY Father’s Day gifts have. Plus, when customizing hats, there’s no minimum order. You can get as many or as few as you’d like.

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to go to a driving range or enjoy some beers with Dad. Give the guy who taught you everything you know a golf hat that’s just as great as he is. And if you take the time to design a hat especially for him, we know he’ll love the personal touch and appreciate having a hat that’s just as original as he is.