Hosted by broadcaster Shane Bacon and PGA tour pro Max Homa,“Get a Grip” is a golf-centric podcast that makes light of a rather stuffy sport with legitimate insight into the game. To give you an idea of the general tone of the show, it’s self-described as “the public golf course of podcasts”. For each 1-2 hour long episode, Shane and Max discuss the PGA Tour, and have some fun at both their peers and golf fans’ expense. Obviously we’re big fans, so we teamed up with Shane and Max to create an exclusive line of limited edition ‘Get a Grip’ caps, and T-Shirts featuring podcast’s microphone logo. Shop the collection here.

Check out our interview with the dynamic duo about their new 2020 podcast, their friendship, and their insight into what makes the job so fulfilling.

1.) How did each of you get your start in golf?

Shane: It was all my dad for me. He was a big golfer and constantly tried to get me interested. It took a while (I liked baseball and basketball a lot more as a kiddo) but as I got closer to high school I started to find a passion, eventually dropping those other sports to focus on golf.

Max: I grew up next to a driving range my dad would go to and I’d tag along. When we moved we started going to this executive par 61 course with a 9 hole par 3 course that was super kid friendly and had tournaments and a good junior program.

2.) How did you guys meet and how have you become friends, as well as podcast co-hosts?

Shane: As most normal friendships happen, we met on Twitter. The first time I think we actually met in person I was working the Walker Cup at LACC and Max was out watching with his mom. After Max became a “superduperstar” and was able to move anywhere in this world (Phoenix just beat out the Bahamas, apparently), he and his lovely wife came out to Scottsdale and we eventually hung out and from there became in-person pals, even though a decent amount of friendship remains on Twitter. It’s a part of our consistency!

Max: I met Shane through twitter and appreciated his sense of humor. When I decided to move to Arizona one of our mutual friends told me I’d really get along with him so he put me in contact and we made it happen. Shane had the great idea to do a podcast where we could be idiots and I was sold.

3.) How do you find the time for the podcast given each of your busy schedules?

Shane: This was the thing I was the most worried about, more for Max than for me. I figured I would have weekends on the road where I’d talk for four straight days and then have to get behind a mic for the podcast, but 30-something episodes in (and I’m only speaking for myself here) it never feels like a burden at all. It’s fun to chat about tournament weeks and equally as fun coming up with ideas when Max isn’t playing an event or, say, the whole world has to shut down for a pandemic. Those were some of the most fun episodes we did back in March and April because it was legit two semi-idiots trying to come up with something interesting to keep the listeners around. I’m still bummed “top-5 favorite punctuations” was left on the cutting-room floor but you can’t win them all.

Max: it’s not too hard for me because I typically have some time Sundays after the tournaments and if not I tend to have tons of time on Mondays. We try and do a good job of planning ahead what day and time will work best each week

4.) Shane, what is your favorite part of broadcast golf?

Shane: I would say the first part is the rush as the producer is counting down to start the show. All that prep, homework, rehearsals, meetings, makeup, picking out the perfect tie for the jacket; all the stuff that gets you to that moment is somewhere in the back of your brain but the countdown is happening and it’s showtime so you best be ready to rock. I love that. The other thing is when you find a story or a character in an event that people don’t know anything about and you get to tell their story. Those are some of the most fun times for me. It’s easy to be a broadcaster for Tiger and Phil; I’m not going to tell the viewer anything they don’t already know for the most part. It’s the 15-year-old amateur that took up golf because of their grandmother that is the type of stuff that makes the job fulfilling. You’re getting to let the world know another time golf was a huge beacon for someone.

5.) Max, your roasting of golf swings on social media is literally the best!  Can you talk about some swings you do like and players that you find inspirational?

Shane: Just going to interject here and say if Max doesn’t mention my swing I’m going to be really, really pissed.

Max: I like a lot of golf swings. I’ve always marveled at Tiger’s but who doesn’t. Dustin Johnson’s swing is awesome as well. I am usually inspired by most of the players because everyone does something really great that you’d envy in some way. (Max notably did not mention Shane’s swing).

For more laughs and good-natured ribbing, Listen to the “Get a Grip” Podcast here.

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