If you’re looking for a cool hat to give this holiday season, look no further than Imperial. Though we offer several golf hat collections, we’ve decided to highlight our bestselling 12, for the 12 Days of Christmas.

From golf bucket hats to men’s golf visors to custom logo hats, everything you could want in and on a hat can be found on Imperial’s site. Get ready to find the perfect gift for your special someone!

  1. Deck the Halls with Cool Hats from the Holiday Collection

There’s nothing better than a rope hat with a flamingo on it. With our holiday guide coming out, the flamingo now has a Santa hat! Browse our Holiday Hat Collection for the perfect white elephant gift this year. From corduroy rope hats to movie-themed mesh back hats to fun holiday T-shirts, this Imperial collection has everything you need to give your friend or family member a jolly good time.

  1. Fun Winter Hats from the Keep Warm Collection

The Keep Warm Collection does just what it says it does – it keeps you warm in the chillier months with winter-themed rope hats, mesh back hats and more. Explore all the different reasons your friends need a golf hat from the Keep Warm Collection.

Whether your friend or loved one takes advantage of the outdoors (skiing, anyone?), enjoys being a lumberjack or is simply a huge fan of Canada, Imperial has all sorts of warm designs waiting for you. Plus, we have tons of beanies you can customize with your favorite icons!

  1. 2022 U.S. Open Championship Gear

The 2022 U.S. Open Championship will be at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, in June. You probably already know about our awesome U.S. Open headwear styles each year, which means you’ll know how fun our Brookline golf hats and apparel will be. Shop our U.S. Open Championship Gear and have the most unique U.S. Open hats around.

  1. Best Golf Hats from our Golf Designs Collection & Seth McWhorter Collaboration

For all those golf fanatics out there, Imperial has plenty of golf hat designs available. Whether your friend is a rules follower (looking at you, “Fix Them Divots” golf rope hat) or simply loves all the golf lingo and inside jokes, the Golf Designs Collection is what you’re looking for.

The Seth McWhorter Collaboration also falls under the golf domain (some logos may look familiar from the Golf Designs Collection). McWhorter takes golf pop culture references and transforms them into iconic, well, icons. Super’s Revenge and the Transfusion mesh back hats are just a couple of our favorites.

  1. Cool Hats from our SlackerTide Collaboration

The SlackerTide golf hats are always a popular choice among golfers. His creations appear on everything from our performance hats to our men’s golf visors and are sure to make you smile. Celebrate the GOAT of golf or subtly display your love for breakfast balls (and pancakes). You can even take SlackerTide’s icons and design your own golf hat with them.

  1. Favorite Golf Logos on Favorite Golf Hats – The Imperial Mascots Collection

Our putting flamingo was such a hit, we decided we couldn’t go any longer without other Imperial mascots. We’re sure you’re going to love them all. The best part? They’re wearing golf bucket hats and Tour Visors®, too!

Explore all our new mascots, from gophers to ducks, in our Imperial Mascots Collection.

  1. Represent with the Tailgate & State Flowers Collections

Golf hats come in all shapes and sizes (and colors and styles), so it should be no surprise that Imperial designs hats based on geography. For friends and family who are passionate about their colleges or even their states, Imperial has the Tailgate Collection and the State Flower Collection.

Choose your state with the Tailgate Collection and find yourself rooting for your home or college team in style. You’ll find several college color combos we think you’ll enjoy. Who needs a University of Miami logo when you can have a snazzy golf bucket hat with Miami’s colors?

Browse our State Flowers Collection and find beautiful, pastel colors on all hat styles. From rope hats to Tour Visors®, you can give your friends a hat they’ll always cherish.

  1. Golf Rope Hats on Tap – The Refreshments Collection

Whether on the golf course or hanging out at a barbeque, there’s one type of golf hat design that will almost always be applicable: beverages. Explore our Refreshments Collection and reminisce on beer pong triumphs, favorite craft beers and signature cocktails. We think these drinks pair perfectly with our Aloha rope caps, but there are plenty of styles available, like our classic performance cap and trucker hats – even women’s and men’s bucket hats.

  1. Tropical Golf Hat Vibes – The Vacation Time Collection

Vacation means it’s time to “Hang Eleven” with our tropical golf hat designs. From men’s golf visors to golf bucket hats to rope caps, these Vacation Time Collection golf hats will definitely have your friends daydreaming about swaying in a hammock under the palm trees.

  1. Gifts for Best Friends with Furry Best Friends – The Canine Collection

The Canine Collection is always adding dog breeds, so be sure to find your friend’s other best friend on a variety of golf hat styles. Each dog breed design has so much detail, you’d think they’re custom golf hats; if you do want to add the spitting image of your friend’s dog to a hat, you can do that with our Design Your Own tool.

  1. More Than Just Cool Hats – Imperial Accessories

Imperial makes more than just cool hats – we also design pins, hat caddies, bags and golf bags, headcovers and T-shirts in our Accessories Collection! Our golf pins feature some of our bestselling designs, like the famous putting flamingo and the Emergency Nine patch. These are fun to add to your other golf hats, golf bags or even backpacks.

If your friends are golf hat connoisseurs, we have a feeling they will be over the moon about the golf hat caddie – especially if they didn’t know it existed. Store and travel your hats safely and never experience squished hats and Tour Visors® again!

  1. Design Your Own Golf Hat

If none of these hats fit your friends’ or family’s personalities, never fear – you can design your own golf hat. Check out our online custom hat maker and choose your style, color and favorite icon (or upload your own!). Imperial offers custom rope hats, custom bucket hats, custom embroidered hats and more. 

We may have chosen some bright combinations above, but the point is you can go wild with whichever pairing you like. You can truly make your golf hat design your own.

We won’t blame you if we’ve distracted you from your holiday shopping – our icons and patches are awesome! If you happened to find a cool hat for yourself while shopping for your friends, your secret is safe with us.